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* ''' Mariska de Roo, PharmD''': general & authorization
* ''' Mariska de Roo, PharmD''': general & authorization
* ''' Arent Storm, MSc''': benzo convertor
* ''' Arent Storm, MSc''': benzo convertor
* ''' Arend Veeninga, psychiatrist, PhD''': user interface
* ''' Arend Veeninga, psychiatrist, PhD''': tester user interface

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More information and/or sources of switching antidepressants and antipsychotics

  • Mission statement: to improve independently psychopharmacotherapy and medication safety for all patients.
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Walter Broekema
  • Walter Broekema (1953) is the editor of this WIKI. He is hospital pharmacist and head of the clinical pharmacy department at the Symfora Group in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. He also has pharmaceutical responsibility for a number of other Mental Health Institutions. He graduated as a pharmacist in 1979 and gained his specialisation `hospital pharmacist' in 1991. He has worked at university and community pharmacy. He is active in several organisations inside and outside the hospital, nationally and internationally. He is president of the Special Interest Group Psychiatry of the Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists (NVZA/KNMP). He initiated the ATC-drug-distribution robot, started an early audiovisual quality manual and is active in several E-projects like this one. One of his favourites is multidisciplinary cooperation and education. He actively participates in international congresses. Conflict of interests: no pharmaceutical companies involved. July 2010.
  • Informatorium medicamentorum and Kennisbank KNMP (in Dutch = NL)
  • Psychotropic Drug Directory - Stephen Bazire (update every year)
  • Antidepressiva - Jonghe, F. de; Swinkels, J.; Vergouwen, T. ; Brink, G. van den. (in Dutch, regularly updated)


  • Ralph de Backer, MSc, PharmD: benzodiazepines
  • Klaas Kooistra, MSc, PharmD: moodstabilizers
  • Ashni Lo-Kim-Lin, BSc, coming up MSc, PharmD: general
  • Alexandra Mulder, MSc, PharmD: antidepressants
  • Verena Mulder, MSc, PharmD: antipsychotics
  • Mariska de Roo, PharmD: general & authorization
  • Arent Storm, MSc: benzo convertor
  • Arend Veeninga, psychiatrist, PhD: tester user interface


  • We are gradually improving the tables by adding more references, graphics etc. This will take time.