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* Carbamazepine can increase topiramate clearance. By adding topiramate to carbamazepine no dose adaptation is necessary. <ref name=”bazire”> Bazire S, Pshychotropic Drug Directory 2007, HealthComm UK Limited, Aberdeen, 2007. </ref> <ref name=”medicatiebewaking”> Schalekamp T. et al, Interacties met Psychofarmaca, Stichting Health Base, Houten, 2002. </ref> <ref name="drugscomint">{{Drugscominteract|carbamazepine-with-topiramate-2216-0-497-0|carbamazepine|topiramate}}</ref>
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* This combination of drugs is subject to pharmacokinetic drug interactions. Discontinuation or dose reduction of either drug will need monitoring of the clinical effects and dose adaptation of the drug remained.
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