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The use of this typ of wiki relies heavily on the presence of (usable) references.

The ideal reference[1] in this respect is a weblink to a reliable resource on the web (like pubmed[2] abstracts/articles). See "Sources" (menu at left of screen) for some other URL's. Wikipedia can provide lots of useful information, but cannot be used as a resource for reference data. However, quite often the mentioned references are most useful.

All monography-pages for drugs as used on MedicaWiki make use of templates to define both layout and content.

| name = Drugname
| diabetes = 8
| diabetes_ref = <ref name="source">A place where reliable information with respect to the caution-area "diabetes" may be found</ref>

To ease the use of references a few templates were introduced, see Category:References


  1. This is an unnamed simple annotation text
  2. Pubmed is a quite reliable collection of medical articles.