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More information and/or sources of switching antidepressants and antipsychotics

Mission statement

To improve independently psychopharmacotherapy and medication safety for all patients.


  • Walter Broekema,MSc, PharmD: founder and past-editor-in-chief (2008-2018)
  • Ralph de Backer, MSc, PharmD: benzodiazepines
  • Sietske Brouwer, MSc, PharmD: maintenance
  • Jaap Kerkvliet, MSc, PharmD: flagged revisions
  • Klaas Kooistra, MSc, PharmD: moodstabilizers
  • Hélène Lichtenberg, MSc, PharmD: hypericum switches
  • Ashni Lo-Kim-Lin, MSc, PharmD: general
  • Lenneke Minjon, MSc, PharmD: plain stopping antidepressants
  • Alexandra Mulder, MSc, PharmD: antidepressants
  • Verena Mulder, MSc, PharmD: antipsychotics
  • Mariska de Roo, PharmD: general & authorization
  • Arent Storm, MSc: website design & realization, technical and methodological supervision, benzo convertor
  • Arend Veeninga †, psychiatrist, PhD: tester user interface
  • Mathilde van Veggel, MSc, PharmD: maintenance
  • Anoek Verbeij, Bsc : maintenance
  • Joost van Raaij, MSc, PharmD: maintenance
  • Casper van der Hoeven, MSc, PharmD: maintenance
  • Ken Ho Hua, MSc, PharmD: maintenance

Work in progress

We are gradually improving the tables by adding more references, graphics etc. An overview of the most recent changes can be found on this page:

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